Claim Academy Takes Stand for Black Tech and Black Lives

June 19, 2020 – Claim Academy Founder and CEO Ola Ayeni has joined forces with a collective of many Black founders in taking a stand against the senseless assault and inhumane violence against Black Lives. The stand is not only a statement but a commitment of specific actions to address systematic change against oppression and empower Black-run enterprises and non-profit organizations. 

“As I have constantly witnessed the suffering of black men, women and children, it is an important time for myself, my company and my associates to take a stand for Black Lives in order for us to usher in a new era of prosperity for all people. I am determined more than ever to take action on this matter and feel inspired by joining this collective action,” stated Claim Academy Founder and CEO Ola Ayemi. 

Ola Ayeni joins a number of other black founders and leaders across the country in aligning its values and actions to support #blacktech4blacklives. Learn more about the initiative at

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