Look who’s been stopping by at Claim Academy!

Claim Academy, the software developer boot camp, invites leaders from St. Louis top companies and our distinguished Java and .NET C# alumni to visit with our current cohorts to tell students about their organization’s company culture and hiring practices. Visitors often also share with students how they got started in coding, what they have learned since being on the job and best practices to help the Java and .NET C# students succeed.

Here are just a few of the people who have stopped by in recent weeks:

Stephen Zoller (left) and Kerry Kinkade of Bi-State Development

Two leaders from Bi-State Development – Kerry Kinkade, CIO, and Stephen Zoller, Manager of IT Operations Development stopped by to share about Bi-State’s business culture and to tell Java cohort members about recent changes affecting their business including a corporate name change (formerly the whole company had been named Metro). Bi-State leads regional economic development in Greater St. Louis and Metro East Illinois. In particular, its various entities (including Metro (MetroLink), the Gateway Arch, the St. Louis Downtown Airport, St. Louis Regional Freightway, and the Bi-State Development Research Institute) plan and implement major transportation initiatives across the Greater St. Louis and Metro East areas.

Learn more about Bi-State Development


Claim Academy Founder Ola Ayeni (left) with Stephen Zoller and Kerry Kinkade of Bi-State Development.

Claim Academy alums Sarah Rosen and Eric Ray visited with Java cohort students on separate evenings. Sarah had worked in business intelligence with AB-InBev until just before moving to Portland, Oregon, in February to pursue an exciting business intelligence opportunity there. She graduated from Claim Academy in the .NET C# sequence. She shared several humorous stories about her rise to her current position and also brought AB-InBev beer samples, which delighted the cohort!

Eric Ray, who had been a Junior Mid-Tier .NET developer with Scottrade shared how he landed the job because of his Claim Academy training and also how he is using the same knowledge to land his next job. Scottrade laid off their contract developers soon after announcing that they were merging with TD Ameritrade. Eric is a highly talented graduate of Claim Academy’s .NET C# sequence and is currently seeking an entry level or junior .NET position in the Greater St. Louis area. If you know of opportunities, please contact Claim Academy at (314) 499-5888 or info@claimacademystl.com. One poignant story that Eric told the students was how much better he was treated as a software developer than when he worked in customer service – a story that clearly resonated with students who are also rising up from low level, high-pressure positions through Claim Academy developer training.

Claim Academy is excited to welcome future corporate and alumni guests including:

  • Colleen (Liebig) Jenkins, Founder of PluggedIn HQ, the online matching and connecting site that helps connect talent with St. Louis-area startup opportunities on March 3.
  • Nick Powers, Vice President of Aegis Strategies, LLC on March 7. Aegis Strategies, LLC is an enterprise technology solutions company located at Scott Air Force Base, Illinois.
  • Michael (Mike) Weaver, IT Director of Product Manager for Monsanto on March 23. Monsanto is a multinational agrochemical and agricultural biotechnology corporation, which is in the process of merging with Bayer.
  • Tyler Sadler, Associate Developer at Mercy Technical Solutions, a division of the Mercy healthcare system, on March 27. Mercy is a Catholic health care system with hospitals, physician practices, health plans, and related health and human service operations in an eight-state area.
  • Ryan Nettemeir, Principal Engineer – Integration and Data Solutions for Eagle Technology Group in O’Fallon, Illinois, will present in mid-April. Details to come. Eagle Technology Group helps organizations reduce costs through improved IT.

The general public is welcome to attend Claim Academy speaking events. To RSVP, call (314) 499-5888 or info@claimacademystl.com.

Do you represent an organization and would like to speak at Claim Academy? We welcome your visit to help our students get to know St. Louis businesses and to learn about opportunities at your company. To express interest, contact us at (314) 499-5888 or info@claimacademystl.com.

About Claim Academy

Claim Academy is a St. Louis-based developer boot camp that offers 12-week classes in Full Stack Java and .NET/C# programming, as well as shorter classes in software development, technology and career development. Claim Academy promises to transform novices into industry ready, software developers/software engineers through rigorous coursework taught in-person by expert instructors.

Participants complete pair programming work with mentors and instructors and produce a coding final project, which they present to potential employers and other interested parties on demo day. Career training and services, as well as placement assistance, are provided.

Claim Academy has a 95% placement rate and graduates, make, on average, $58,000 per year as a starting salary. Claim Academy graduates are currently employed, or are contracted with, some of the area’s top companies, including MasterCard, Scottrade, Centene, Mercy, RGA, Daugherty Business Systems, and others.

Claim Academy is an accredited and approved center for workforce development, as designated by the Missouri Workforce Development Board. Because of this designation, Missouri residents can apply for grants for Claim Academy training through several Missouri regional programs. Scholarships, grants and financial aid are available. Visit our financing page for details.

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Upcoming visitors to Claim Academy

Colleen (Liebig) Jenkins of PluggedInHQ | Nick Powers of Aegis Strategies, LLC | Tyler Sadler of Mercy | Mike Weaver of Monsanto | Ryan Nettemeir of Eagle Technology Group

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