Aegis Strategies’ Powers stops by to rave about Claim Academy and the grad the company hired

Nick Powers, Vice President of Aegis Strategies, LLC, an enterprise technology solutions company located at Scott Air Force Base, Illinois, visited Claim Academy March 7 to meet with the Java cohort. Aegis Strategies supports both government contracts requiring security clearance and general contracts with some of St. Louis’ largest companies and most successful startups.  Aegis has hired 75 new employees in the last 3 years and found itself on the Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Businesses in America at #952 last year.

According to Powers, Aegis Strategies is hiring for as many as 10 tech-related positions in the near term. He encouraged attendees to apply for positions through the company’s career site. He raved about the Claim Academy graduate that they hired from an earlier Java cohort. Powers said, “He scored the highest score on our pre-employment Java test we’ve ever seen. Higher than any other candidate that we’ve ever hired — 20 points higher. I can’t emphasize enough the quality of Java training education that you are getting here at Claim Academy.”

Aegis Strategies has an amazingly high 4.6 out of 5 star rating on One of the reasons why its scores so highly with its employees is because Aegis offers excellent benefits for its employees and their families. Plus, unlike many government contractors, Aegis makes it a point to keep employees between contracts, rather than laying them off. “We find a project for them to do that can help Aegis Strategies win additional business. So far that strategy has worked so well that the employees we have kept on have all been assigned to new client projects with our company.”

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Nick Powers (right) of Aegis Strategies with Claim Academy Founder, Ola Ayeni.

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