Claim Academy Provides Help for Heroes. Offers Free Coding Classes to Veterans, Active Duty Military, and their Spouses.

Coding bootcamp helps qualifying students transition into a career in tech

St. Louis, MO:​ April 22, 2020, Claim Academy, a coding bootcamp based in St. Louis announced that it will be offering two free online coding courses, valued at $2,000 per person, to veterans, active duty military and their spouses.

These free coding classes will cover the key elements of Java, and teach the student how to independently write a few lines of code. This class is not only a great way to gain a basic knowledge of this program, but it is also the first step in gaining acceptance into the esteemed coding bootcamp. Even though Claim Academy has currently moved to an online hybrid version of classes, all of the programs are approved for the G​ I Bill®​. Other qualifying students may be able to use VET TEC to help fund their education.

Claim Academy has long been an advocate of placing transitioning members of the military into exciting tech careers. With unemployment in the United States reaching a shocking 22 million people, the coding bootcamp wants to arm our heroes with skills that will help them land a job during this uncertain time.

American business magazine, Fast Company, reports that, “Coding has become a core skill that bolsters a candidate’s chances of commanding a high salary. Burning Glass researchers found that jobs that require coding skills pay up to $22,000 per year more, on average”. Not only are software developers always in high demand, but they also earn more for possessing programming knowledge.

Matthew Hook, ​Director of Operations & Business Development and R​etired Veteran, understands that many members of the military will soon be transitioning into an unstable workforce. He explains the current situation and how Claim Academy is providing support, ​”Are you a transitioning member of the Armed Forces that is uncertain on ‘what is next’ following your discharge? Or are you a Veteran that has been affected in your career by recent events? Perhaps you are the spouse of a current or former service member looking to make a change in life. Claim Academy is there for your education and your new career in the technology industry; which appears the least affected by stay-at-home orders. We want to support your career goals by offering this free introductory training. Additionally, through the use of your GI Bill or the VET TEC Program, a new chapter in your life begins with a call in any of our highly sought-after Full Stack Java, Full Stack C#/.NET Programs, Front End Javascript and Cybersecurity”.

If you are a veteran, an active duty military or are a military spouse looking to start a new career, then go to ​​ and apply to obtain these valuable classes.

About Claim Academy: ​Claim Academy​ ​is a premier developer boot camp that offers immersive on-campus and online programs in software engineering and cybersecurity in St Louis. Our mission is to change lives in 12-weeks with tracks in Java, C#/.Net and JavaScript with promises to transform novices into industry ready, software developers through rigorous coursework of pair programming, mentor sessions, and computer science industry programming techniques taught in-person by expert instructors. Approved to operate by the Missouri Department of Higher Education and Development and, The U.S Department of Veterans Affairs.


If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Claim Academy at (314) 499-5888 or at i​​

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