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Stay-at-home parent to software developer? It’s doable!

How do you transition from being a stay-at-home parent to becoming a successful software developer? It’s not easy, but it IS doable … AND highly lucrative!

According to research by the Center for Work-Life Policy, 37% of stay-at-home parents have left work voluntarily at some point in their careers. Among women with children, a whopping 43% have stayed home for a significant period. Getting back into the workforce after a lengthy time can be daunting, especially when employers are concerned about rusty skills and resume gaps.

Learning in-demand skills like Java developing or .NET C# coding can help parents re-entering the workforce to land high-paying jobs. For example, by joining an intensive coding boot camp like Claim Academy, returning workers can land a lucrative Java or .NET C# Developer in as little as 12 weeks full time or 20 weeks part time.

And the best part is that by the time people graduate from Claim Academy, participants are full prepared to be hired as an entry level Java or .NET developer making on average $58,000 to start and more than $100,000 per year after only a few years in the field. Claim Academy has an amazing 95% placement rate getting graduates into some of St. Louis’ top companies — even if applicants had no coding experience or outdated skills.

Don’t let your stay-at-home years hold you back!

Apply to Claim Academy to launch your lucrative career as a sought-after software developer!

Learn about Claim Academy full and part-time class options.

Discover scholarship, grant and financial aid options to fund your Claim Academy education.

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