How Claim Academy Teaches Soft Skills at a Code-Heavy Bootcamp

We often get asked how and why our bootcamp ranks above others in this nation. There’s a simple answer to that – it’s because we care. Our mission is to change a person’s life, and this is a mission we don’t take lightly. 

Prospective students want to know that they will be attending a coding bootcamp with dedicated instructors and an applicable curriculum. We promise to deliver these technical skills while also teaching interpersonal skills that will be vital to a graduate’s success in their desired occupation. 

1. Soft Skill Development 

It is not enough for us to just teach you how to code and then send you right off into the workplace. Yes, you will have all the technical knowledge you need to hit the ground running on your first day; but those are not the only skills you’ll use in your daily professional life. We believe that it is also important to teach soft skills in order to fully prepare our graduates for their new roles. We prepare our students to tackle the social and professional atmosphere of the office with multiple career-building activities. 

  • LinkedIn Tutorials for Your Professional Brand 

We teach students how to create a compelling professional page and how to use LinkedIn to network and promote their personality and brand. We educate them on what to feature, how to position themselves, and overall presentation to prospective employers. Students can ask our student success specialists for individual advice at any time or for a one-on-one evaluation of their profile. 

  • Mock Job Interviews 

Practice makes perfect, and students will be able to prepare for interviews by practicing first with our instructors. Our goal is to educate them on the type of questions to expect and how to respond correctly. Students will receive feedback immediately after in order to improve the quality of their interviewing skills. 

  • Resume Help

To further the success of our graduates in job interviews, our job coach will teach students how to prepare and format their resume for results. 

  • Presentation Practice

Students learn the best practices for presenting their final project to the class and employers on Demo Day and Hiring Event. They are educated on how to create a compelling presentation, how to tell a story, transition, and showcase their uniqueness. They will also learn how to properly address an audience and dress for the occasion. 

2. Employment Opportunities

So, you’ve got the coding and professional skills you need to succeed and excel in the workplace. Now what? The next step is getting our students and graduates connected with interested employers. We have several ways in which we help form connections between our new developers and companies looking for qualified software developers. 

  • Demo Day and Hiring Event
    • Students who have successfully completed our program will present their final project on our Demo Day and Hiring Event. Employers from a multitude of companies are encouraged to attend and watch the students debut their independently created software applications. 
      • After the presentations, employers can meet with the students and even use breakout rooms to interview them.
  • Using our Website to Hire Graduates
    • Employers reach out to us constantly with job opportunities and inquire about hiring our graduates. We have many repeat employers, such as Mastercard, Express Scripts and Charter Communications, who have each hired more than 9 past graduates of Claim Academy.
  • Alumni Nights
    1. Claim Academy graduates regularly come back to speak at our open house events. The alumni provide valuable advice and information about the coding bootcamp, hiring process, and how to succeed in the workplace. After the event, students can meet the alum to network or ask for career advice.
  • Employer Nights
    • Employers like Slalom, Anheuser-Busch and NISA regularly come to speak about their company and why students should choose their companies over others. 

3. Hands-On Learning

We take a more personalized teaching approach than other, larger universities. Daily exercises are divided into 3 parts – peer programming, mentor led instruction, and lab. 

  • Smaller Class Sizes
    • Students can more easily engage with their instructor and other classmates. Our maximum class size is 20 students. 
  • One-on-One Help 
    • Our instructors will teach the class as a whole, and then spend time individually with any students who need additional help. 
  • Teamwork
    • We encourage students to support and work with their classmates on tricky subjects. Students who attend the in-person coding bootcamp work with their instructors and peers every single day.

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