How to Pay for Coding Bootcamp Without Breaking the Bank

1. Scholarships

There are a surprising amount of coding academies that offer scholarships for passionate students. With the rising need of technical talent, scholarship funds are becoming available for students who want to take the less traditional and faster route to entering the technology field. For example, Claim Academy alone offers scholarships for students who are veterans, women, part of a minority group, and recent high school graduates and GED holders!

A link to the finance information can be found here:

2. Loans

Prospective bootcamp students can apply for personal loans from banks or private lenders. There are lending companies, such as Climb Credit, who partner with coding bootcamps to provide students with reasonable loans.

Check out Claim Academy’s partnership with Climb Credit here:

3. Income Share Agreements (ISA)

An Income Share Agreement is formed between the student and the bootcamp. The agreement entails that the student will pay back a percentage of their salary for a fixed amount of time upon graduation. An ISA is a worthwhile option since these bootcamps assure quick job placement after the extensive training.

Learn more about ISAs here:

4. Employer Sponsorship

Many employers encourage the development of technical skills outside of the workplace, and may be willing to help fund additional schooling. Even if an employer is not willing to give up the employee full-time, they may be willing to support coding classes as a side project. 

5. Attending Bootcamp Part-Time 

Many coding bootcamps require a full-time commitment during the weekdays. Because of this, large numbers of students will attempt to work on weekends to help pay for classes. However, a student could instead choose to attend the bootcamp part-time. Yes, that means the student will be in classes over a longer period of time, but it can also mean an easier balance of school and work.

Students at Claim Academy have the choice between a 9-week,12-week, or online program, depending on what best suits their lifestyle:

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